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Nexus Mission Statement

“It’s just parking”! Or, is it the determination of a start to a good or bad day? Among the many entanglements that commuters encounter every day, parking should be trivial. We here at Nexus Parking Systems are proud to say
“It’s NOT just parking”!

Nexus Parking Systems understands that the last thing you want to worry about on your commute or trip is parking. You want to come into the garage easily, park your vehicle with confidence and upon return get out quickly and back to your home.

In our efforts to provide this hassle free parking experience we pledge to make this a reality each and every time you come to one of our facilities.

Step one in accomplishing this goal is through the addition of the latest state of the art parking technology available. We offer our customers the fastest vending gates available, 24 Hour Customer Service representatives at most of our facilities, the newest and most easy to use payment machines, multiple payment options via cash, credit or debit cards and 24 hour closed caption monitoring and recording. A behind the scenes state of the art parking database also provides multiple levels of support to both our daily and monthly parkers.

Step two is to become better at our Customer Service efforts by being aware of the concerns each and every one of our customers face each day. We do understand the stresses involved in commuting on a daily basis, catching the correct train on time to meet with friends or for business, and the time it takes to and from the garage to your homes. Remember, each member of the parking staff is also a parker at one time or another and we are constantly trying to put our experiences into practice at our garages.

We may not be the biggest parking company in business today but we definitely have the frame of mind to constantly strive to be the Mercedes of the parking business in our little corner of the world.

Let us take some of the stress out of planning your next daily commute, vacation or business trip. We are here to help in any way we can.

Thank you for making us successful in this endeavor,

Your friends at Nexus Parking Systems!