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Parking Ticket Appeal Form

All appeals must be submitted within ten (10) calendar days from the date the parking ticket was issued. The ticket must be paid in order to appeal.

If you have not already paid your ticket, visit Meter Feeder to pay.

Parking ticket appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons (but not limited to):

  • I do not agree with or do not know the regulations.
  • I could not find a space in my assigned parking lot or garage.
  • I have been parking this way for a long time and have never received a violation.
  • I was late for the train, bus, class, or meeting; or my class/meeting ran late.
  • I can't afford to pay the violation fine.
  • "Someone" told me to park there.
  • I was only in violation for a short time.
  • I did not see the sign.
  • Forgot to pay or paid late on a surface lot.
  • Parked in fire lane/hash marked/No parking area.
  • Parked in electric charging space with a non-electric vehicle.
  • Other vehicles were improperly parked.
  • Parking permit/hang-tag was not visible or displayed.
  • The appeal was submitted after the deadline.

I agree with the above points, have paid my ticket, and would like to submit my request to appeal.